leff Landscape Associates, Inc. Services


  • Landscape designer of large and small gardens in Marin, Sonoma and Napa; from estate grounds and gardens to backyard renovations and front entryways.
  • Decks, patios, ponds and waterfalls, swimming pool and spa surrounds, walkways and paving patterns.
  • Retaining walls, water systems, special lighting systems.

Commercial & Public:

  • Consultation for Environmental Impact Reports.
  • Overall site planning and land use planning.

Advice Consultations and Recommendations

  • Occasionally, clients are merely seeking professional advice and wish to design and build their landscape themselves. We are available for consultation sessions (minimum two hours), which can include design or planting suggestions to help you get started on your project.

Additional Areas of Expertise:

  • Landscape Lighting
    Depending upon your goals, lighting ideas may include:
    Moon Lighting gives the most natural light. We are accustomed to having light shine on us from above; lights placed in trees or on the eaves of buildings give us this familiar effect.
    Facade Lighting highlights architectural features on buildings.
    Security Lighting does exactly what it says. Flood lights or subtle warning lights can be activated with motion sensors, timing devices, or switches.
    Accent Lights are used when a focal point is desired. This may be on sculptures, interesting plantings, waterfalls, fountains, ponds or structures.
    Path Lighting should be used only when necessary for safety. Path lights are used when alternative means, such as moon lighting or reflective lighting from another object, do not adequately provide enough illumination for safe passage.

  • Water Feature Design
    Leff Landscape Associates, Inc. designs water features that perfectly conform to the landscape goals, whether a nature-like setting or a more constructed look is desired. For a natural water feature to be credible, the beginning and terminus of the water feature must be carefully placed into the land. The material choice, scale, and style of the features can vary depending upon the natural setting. For landscapes where a natural feature would be unlikely, design ideas are limited only by our imagination. As we design your water feature (as with all other elements in a garden), the scale, material choices, and size are carefully chosen to meet your landscape desires and to fit in with the site.