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A consultation is a face-to-face meeting at your landscape site. These meetings are opportunities to brainstorm about the many possibilities for your property. Tell us all of your ideas, dreams, and desires for your land and garden. We will give you feedback, expand on the ideas and their possibilities, explore alternative options and advise you on the best ways to make your vision a reality.

After this first meeting, Leff Landscape Associates will determine the scope of the project and then submit a Proposal for Services to you. This proposal will outline all of the design work to be completed, as well as an estimate of costs.


Once the proposal has been accepted and the contract signed, Preliminary Design Documents and the Construction Documents are prepared:

Preliminary designs illustrate the layout of all proposed design elements. This drawing shows the location of steps, circulation systems, water features, entertainment areas play areas, and all other programmed elements.

Construction documents are prepared upon client approval of the preliminary plans. This is the phase when the building methods and the materials choices are determined. This set of drawings can include a removals plan, a more detailed layout drawing, plans for planting, lighting, drainage and irrigation, and construction details.


After the design documents are completed and approved, we will solicit bids from contractors and submit them to you. Leff Landscape Associates, Inc. can provide a bid for constructing the garden as well as solicit bids from other contractors. Factors such as: years of experience, work ethic, availability and referrals from prior clients should be taken into account when choosing a contractor. The lowest priced bid should not be the single most important criteria in determining who will be awarded the work contract.


It is essential that a design representative from the firm (no matter which contractor was selected) occasionally visits the site during construction. This assures that the contractor’s interpretation of the drawings conforms to the design intent, and can answer any questions the contractor may have. The need for adjustments or modifications inevitably arise during construction, and the designer’s presence on site allows for smooth work flow and unencumbered dispute resolution.


I agree that Leff Landscape Associates, Inc. can email and call me in response to my inquiry, as well as with tips and offers for similar services.