protecting native oak trees

protecting native oak trees

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Native California Oak trees require a particular set of conditions to thrive.
Although our mighty Oaks appear to be strong and invincible, they are actually quite weak in typical garden conditions. Water around Oak trees in the summer will kill them. That is the plain and simple truth.
Installing lawns under Oak trees is one of the fastest ways to kill them. Our Native Oaks like to be DRY in the summer. This means that Leff Landscape Associates only installs extremely drought hearty plants around native Oaks. There are many naturally occurring species of plants that thrive under Oaks. We educate our clients about the care of these native giants so the trees can continue to enhance their properties.

Gardening around Oaks

This Oak is actually located outside of the area of the pool. It appears to belong to this garden because it is lit in a way that allow it to be reflected in the pool. The swimming pool construction did not impact the tree because all excavation occurred outside of the tree’s root zone.

California Oak management Sonoma

Drought tolerant grasses, arranged in alternating rows are the understory for this young Oak. The grasses require very little water in the summer. The grasses are irrigated with drip emitters, placing the water at the base of the grasses, not interfering with the tree roots.

Oak tree planting Marin

Pink flowering Current and giant needle grass are perfect companions for Oak trees. The Oak in the back ground housed a large bee colony for many years. This combination of native species all live comfortably in their own ecosystem.