Bed and Breakfast Garden DesignsBed and Breakfast Garden Designs – The owners of this Glen Ellen property wanted to create a Bed and Breakfast oasis-like environment for their family and many friends who often came to visit. Leff Landscape Associates, Inc created terraces with fire pits, a hot tub, and ample seating areas so guests would feel secluded, yet pampered. more >

protecting california oak trees marinCalifornia Oaks – Native California Oak trees require a particular set of conditions to thrive. Although our mighty Oaks appear to be strong and invincible, they are actually quite weak in typical garden conditions. Water around Oak trees in the summer will kill them. That is the plain and simple truth. Installing lawns under Oak trees is one of the fastest ways … more >

Campus Master PlanCampus Master Plan – The Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary is surrounded by Richardson Bay and commands spectacular views of San Francisco. The campus master plan accounts for the constraints of minimal water available for the landscape, an abundant deer population and a limited budget. more >

Entertainment TerraceEntertainment Terrace – The owners of this property in Santa Rosa do a lot of entertaining, and desired easy access to the large entertainment garden terrace, especially from the upper level of the home. Leff Landscape Associates, Inc. added a new stream and pond adjacent to the stairs to make the journey to the entertainment areas more scenic … more >

HGTVHGTV – Leff Landscape Associates is an award-winning landscape design and construction firm serving clients in Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties. Through garden demonstrations at the San Francisco Garden Show and repeated appearances as a guest on two HGTV television shows, … more >

Historic PreservationHistoric Preservation – Leff Landscape Associates, Inc. upgrades old landscapes to original historic design, making them appear traditional in a modern way. This unassuming front entry in Sonoma leads to a beautifully restored house and over ten acres of rolling gardens. The house and grounds received complete renovations … more >

Masking Highway NoiseMasking Highway Noise – This garden is very long and narrow and is adjacent to a noisy, busy highway, requiring innovative solutions. Leff Landscape Associates, Inc created a sound barrier with a fountain and stream to muffle the sound of the traffic. The angular seat wall creates intimate seating areas, … more >

Revealing the Front EntranceRevealing the Front Entrance – Leff Landscape Associates, Inc. creates welcoming front entrance gardens with curb appeal and style. “Curb appeal, please” was the request from the owner of this new Bed and Breakfast in Bodega Bay, Sonoma County. The original entrance way (previously located on the left), was dark and difficult to find, … more >