hgtv and staging

Hgtv and staging

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Description: Leff Landscape Associates is an award-winning landscape design and construction firm serving clients in Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties. Through garden demonstrations at the San Francisco Garden Show and repeated appearances as a guest on two HGTV television shows, Louise Leff has demonstrated her abilities to stage for Instant Appeal. On the program Landscape Smart, Louise demonstrated the process of constructing a variety of individual projects. For the program Curb Appeal, Louise transformed boring and unwelcoming house entrances into welcoming, safe and attractive gateways.

staging wall feature

This trellis was placed on a wall of the garage that faces a small entrance and sitting area. The trellis gives the false illusion of depth, making the space appear bigger. The fountain in the center adds the sound of soft trickling water.


staging tromp loeul side view

Vines, annual flowers, and climbing roses bring warmth and color to this courtyard, and provide interest to the entry. 


staging fire place and door

This garden was created for the San Francisco Garden show in 2003 just as the war in Iraq was starting. Titled “Serenity on a Fault Line”, it was intended to show how nature can bring a feeling of serenity – even in times of uncertainty and conflict. 


bench swing

A wooden bench with bright pillows brightens up this corner of the garden. It also provides a reason for coming out into the yard to enjoy different vistas.


patio with water feature

This re-circulating pond adds interest to a back yard office patio and the water attracts song birds in the early morning. 


staging terrace terrace at sfgs

A pond, waterfall, and patio set below oak trees demonstrate how it is possible to have the appearance of a lush landscape without actually adding much water to the land. The waterfall re-circulates, and the plants with big shiny leaves are all in pots, leaving the soils around the Oak trees undisturbed.


Carpentry | HGTV | Low Voltage Lighting | Masonry | Planting | Water Features