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Leff Landscape Associates, Inc. designs and constructs decks and patios that are sustainable and in harmony with nature. Careful attention to detail and scale characterize the Decks, Trellises and Stairs. For example, lighting wires and switches are routed into deck steps or posts to hide them from view, railings are designed to either conceal or reveal the view, and not all Decks are made of wood. Stone can be utilized for the surface, giving a dressier, more elegant feel. Serving clients in Sonoma, Napa and Marin.

railing and steps

Wood in combination with stone make for very interesting transitions.  The stone steps relate to the stone paving, and the wood steps begin the transition to the wood elements of the house siding.  The undersides of the decks are enclosed with lattice and match the house trim.  The colorful flowers can receive extra water without disturbing the oak trees because they are in their own planter and drain away from the sensitive trees.


with lights and stone

This stone terrace is actually built on the structure of a wood deck.  The stone tiles are connected to the joists, making an elegant extension on to this modern home.  Walls were added to allow new plantings to be placed closer to the deck surface and reducing the distance from the deck to the ground and bringing the landscape closer to the living area.


vegie boxes

This sunny, south facing hillside is perfect for growing vegetables, but the terrain had been completely inaccessible.  Deep vegetable boxes are perfect for growing root vegetables and easy on the back to plant and harvest them.


not all are wood

Another view of the stone deck.


Carpentry | HGTV | Low Voltage Lighting | Masonry | Planting | Water Features