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Changing Seasons and Mindsets

September 18, 2021


Leff Landscape we plan for and are hopeful abut the upcoming seasons.  Hopefully we’ll have enough winter rains to allow us to continue building gardens. We are excited about the coming year. The winter rains have given us some hope that there will be enough water to continue building gardens.  We have always been aware of drought-tolerant and appropriate planting, but have hesitated to do too much new planting during the height of the drought. 

Increased awareness of more sustainable living has resulted in Edible Landscaping becoming one of the most trendy elements in residential gardens.* 

The exciting news is that not all food gardens are created equal.  

Raised boxes for our vegetables have been the norm for centuries, however, even when the boxes are artistically arranged, we at Leff Landscape think it is time we consider other ways to enjoy nibbling our way through our landscapes.  

For example, if you want to grow some lettuce, but don’t want to devote an entire box to it, try fitting it into extra spaces that are easily accessible. Such as above a small retaining wall.

Herbs are perfect choices for ‘infilling” your drought-tolerant beds.

That privacy you want in the summer… make your hedge a Pomegranate hedge!

Consider these colorful combinations:

  • Just imagine how pretty orange cherry tomatoes would be growing over an arbor and interplanted with morning glories!
  • Purple Basil, red zinnias, and orange dahlias
  • A bed of fernlike carrots surrounded by dwarf nasturtiums