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Harmony is our Speciality

October 24, 2022

Our specialty is the creation of harmony in the landscape. For homeowners to be completely happy with their landscape each user must get what they would ideally want.

If low maintenance is paramount, along with a colorful garden, then we find a way to give you both.

Add to that an outdoor kitchen and large entertaining area, and an area for the kids to run and play within visibility from the kitchen.

Maybe one person in the family wants all of the above but wants an intimate garden with spaces for meditation and reflection. We have experience with creating landscapes that fulfill each person’s desires without sacrificing the desires of the others.

This creates harmony within the family. For Leff Landscape, first and foremost, the land must be considered. For a garden to be in harmony it needs to respect the topography, do all it can to utilize the rainwater that it is fortunate to receive, and create good soils for thriving plants.

The wildlife, birds, bees, even some “weeds” can and should be welcomed.

A sustainable garden is one that is in harmony with the ecosystems of its microclimate. From small city lots to estates of many acres, harmony is considered in all of our designs.

Contact us to find out how we can bring Harmony to your home.